Yuzu Kosho Paste


This Yuzu Kosho Paste is a masterful blend of aromatic green yuzu zest, fiery green chili peppers, and the finest kettle-cooked sea salt from Hagi village of Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Sourced from the mineral-rich coast of Toragasaki, this exceptional sea salt undergoes a meticulous 40-hour cooking process to ensure purity and a harmonious flavor profile. The result is a refined, mellow yuzu kosho that elevates the umami of any dish, beloved by top chefs for its balanced and bold character. Incorporate yuzu kosho into your recipes whenever you desire a vibrant citrusy kick with a well-rounded flavor.

*No Chemical Seasoning / Food Coloring / Artificial Fragrance / Preservatives

Yuzu, Green Pepper, Salt

3.2 oz. (90g)

A little bit packs a powerful punch. Mix a small amount into stir-fries, salad dressings, meat marinades, and sauces. It also pairs wonderfully as a side sauce with grilled meats.

Storage Method:
Store at room temperature away from high temperatures and direct sunlight (unopened).
*Refrigerate after opening.