Organic Matcha - Ceremonial


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This ceremonial organic matcha powder is made from the highest grade tea leaves from Saga Prefecture. It can be enjoyed straight or added to a myriad of drinks and dishes. 

3.53 oz. (100g), 17.63 oz. (500g), 35.27 oz. (1kg)

Can be enjoyed as a traditional matcha or added to other drinks and dishes like, matcha lattes, smoothies, puddings, ice cream, and more.

Guidelines for making traditional matcha:
1. Prepare: 0.07oz / 2g of matcha, 2.4fl.oz / 70cc of hot water at 194 - 203°F
2. Sift the matcha well to eliminate any lumps.
3. Pour hot water into a tea bowl to warm the bowl. Discard the hot water when the tea bowl becomes warm.
4. Wipe the tea bowl, add the matcha powder and gently pour hot water.
5. Whisk thoroughly with a tea whisk.
6. Once you have a nice rich foam on the surface, it's ready to serve.

Storage Method:
Please store in an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dark place.

Recommended Shelf Life:
8 months (Before opening package)