Umami Miso Crumble


This Miso Crumble, called "arare" in Japanese, adds flavor and texture with an elegant balance of umami, sweetness and aroma. Our standard (White) Miso Crumble fermented for 3 months.

Until now, centuries of miso masters have failed to approve of any attempts to dry miso, as the complex flavors were always lost in the process. After years of research and development, this is the first-ever dried miso to be acclaimed as authentic to the standards of miso artisans and global culinary professionals.

*No additives

Barley (produced in Kyushu), Soybeans (produced in Kyushu), Salt

3.52 oz. (100g), 35.27oz. (1kg)

Sprinkle as a topping or mix it in with ice cream or cheesecake for an accent of umami and a unique chewy texture.

Storage Method:
After opening, please seal tightly and store in a cool place to prevent moisture absorption and insect damage. Content may harden due to changes in temperature and humidity. Please shake well before and consume as soon as possible.

Recommended Shelf Life:
12 months (Before opening package)