Yuzu Juice Powder


Freshly squeezed yuzu juice, in powder form. Our Yuzu Juice Powder is made with 100% yuzu extract squeezed from organically cultivated yuzu. Favored by Michelin chefs, this versatile powder offers refreshing and authentic flavor in a sprinkle.

Yuzu juice (produced in Saga), starch decomposition product

3.52 oz. (100g)

Pairs especially well with fried dishes. Sprinkle it on fried chicken or tempura for a refreshing citrusy flavor without compromising the crispiness of your dish. It also works wonders with stir fries and grilled meat and fish. Mix it in whipped cream to instantly brighten up your dessert.

Storage Method:
After opening, please seal tightly and store in a cool place to prevent moisture absorption and insect damage. Please use as soon as possible.

Recommended Shelf Life:
12 months (Before opening package)