Amethyst Dew “The Rich” aged for 5 years (Non-alcoholic Wild mountain grape juice)


Rich and smooth, this premium grape juice is made from 100% Yama Budou, one of the only two native grape varieties highly praised in Japan. It takes 5 years of aging to achieve this velvety taste.

Proudly harvested in a pesticide-free farm in the mountains of Iwate Prefecture, the farmers only pick grapes from select trees over 15 years old. Farmers carefully squeeze the harvested grapes slowly and seal the juice in an airtight tank to be aged for five years. Thanks to the cold climate of Iwate Prefecture, all the bitterness of the grapes transforms into a pleasant mellowness, creating a one-of-a-kind flavor profile approved by Michelin chefs in Japan.

*No added sugar, salt, preservatives or additives.

Grapes (Japanese Yama Budou)

24.34 fl. oz. (720ml) x 6 bottles

Serve it chilled straight, mix it with other drinks to make your original cocktail, or pair it with meat dishes to enhance flavor.

Storage Method:
Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity.

Recommended Shelf Life:
547 days from date of manufacture.
After opening the bottle, keep refrigerated and finish within 3 weeks.