Tamaryokucha Green Tea Yamanoha


Immerse yourself in the fragrant allure and mild, yet flavorful essence of Tamaryokucha. “Tama” means “round”, “Ryokucha” means “green tea”. As the name implies, Tamaryokucha is a tea leaf with a distinct curly shape. This rare type of Japanese tea has less astringency compared to other green teas, offering a smooth and inviting experience in every sip.

Classified as "Ichiban-cha”, which means it’s made from the first harvest of the season, it's renowned to yied the highest quality teas with a milder and sweeter taste compared to the latter harvests. It essentially represents the most flavorful and aromatic tea of the year.

Flavor of Yamanoha: Earthy and refreshing

3.53 oz. (100g), 17.63 oz. (500g), 35.27 oz. (1kg)

Brewing Guidelines (for hot tea, about 3 cups):
1. Prepare: 2 tablespoons of tea leaves, and 6fl oz / 180ml of boiling water
2. Once the water is boiled remove the lid of the kettle and let it sit for 5 mins
3. Add the tea leaves in the kettle of the hot water
4. Let it sit for about 2 minutes and pour into a cup

Brewing Guidelines (for cold brew):
1. Prepare 0.4-0.5oz / 12-15g of tea leaves per 33.8fl oz / 1 liter of filtered water
2. Once the tea leaves are infused in the water, shake well for 2 minutes
3. Leave in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours (overnight is best) for extraction.
4. Shake well before pouring into a glass using a strainer.

Please feel free to adjust the amount of tea leaves and brewing time to your preference.

Storage Method:
Please store in an airtight container and keep it in a cool, dark place.

Recommended Shelf Life:
15 months (Before opening package)