Chefs' Flavor Tasting Box (Summer Collection 2024)

This Chefs' Flavor Tasting Box is a summer curation of 6 authentic Japanese ingredients designed to enhance the flavor in your desserts and cocktails. Discover unique flavors, from the rare daidai citrus to the subtle heat of sansho and more. Perfect for dessert chefs and mixologists looking for summer menu inspiration. This box features the following products. See detailed description of each in the images:

・Umami Miso Powder Organic Aged (1.06oz / 30g) 
・Dehydrated Yuzu Juice Powder (0.35 oz / 10g) 
・Umami Dashi Pack Tomato (0.25 oz / 7g x 18 packs)
・Tamaryokucha Akatsuki (0.35oz / 10g)
All Natural Pure Daidai Juice (6.7 fl oz / 200ml)
・Budo Sansho Powder (0.10 oz / 3g)

*Discounted 30% off of the total value.

・Umami Miso Powder Organic Aged
Barley (produced in America), Soybeans (produced in Kyushu), Salt

・Dehydrated Yuzu Juice Powder (0.35 oz /10g)
Yuzu juice (produced in Saga), starch decomposition product

・Umami Dashi Pack Tomato
Tomato powder, Onions, Salt, Sugar, Tomatoes, Starch hydrolysate, Yeast extract, Basil, Oregano

・Tamaryokucha Akatsuki
Green Tea

・All Natural Pure Daidai Juice

・Budo Sansho Powder
Sansho Pepper